Our company`s mission: We lead the market, develop standards of good quality and are at the forefront of understanding the desires of our customers.

The management of Stanz-technology Ltd plans, manages, provides and improves a quality management system to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the company. Management system policy is based on the principles of quality management.

1. Customer Orientation and Relationship Management

We focus on developing and loyal consumers and make their requirements our goals. We maintain a reputation as a supplier of quality products at competitive prices in the domestic and foreign markets, satisfying legal requirements and consumer expectations.

2. Leadership and Personnel Engagement

We continuously improve the qualifications and competence of staff, develop personal potential and motivate loyal staff.

3. Improvements and Process Approach

All our activities are determined by processes that are interconnected and form a single system for the continuous improvement of its effectiveness and efficiency.

4. Factual decision making

Based on the analysis of facts, we establish and achieve the goal of the enterprise.

The implementation of the Policy is the responsibility of everyone and is a guarantee of the successful and stable operation of our company!